Focusing and Art Therapy

You can sense your living body directly under your thoughts and memories and under your familiar feelings. Focusing happens at a deeper level than your feelings but your feelings are part of it. Under them you can discover a physically sensed murky zone, which is concretely there. We refer to this bodily knowing as a Felt Sense.

This is a source and it is from here new steps emerge.

This murky zone "opens" as you learn to re-cognise it and stay with it longer. Being with it increases the ability to sense feelings behind words or images, even when those are not yet formed. Eventually, you can learn how to let a deeper bodily felt sense come in relation to any problem or situation. It is a subtle process, hard to define in words."  This is change.

Focusing and art practice together is the ideal practice for people who want to live more creatively. When we are present for ourselves,  as we are when we are Focusing, we are more in tune with and aligned with our creative urges. When we practice Focusing to get in touch with the parts of us that stop us from being creative, then we can get free of artist’s and writer’s blocks, and get back to doing what we love.

Combining Art Therapy and Focusing is a natural fit to help people get to a deeper level within, communicate what they discover there, and express it. 

In a workshop you will:

  • learn to connect to what is wanting to come.

  • Connect artistic practice to the Felt Sense

  • Wholebody story telling and making

  • Art of Play and Embodied Creativity

  • Exploring The Edge …where the words run out and new ideas unfold…

  • Move beyond writing blocks

  • Growing culture in connection




Robyn de Vries Melbourne Art Therapy and Jo Kennedy have been exploring the links between Art Therapy and Focusing in a series of joint events over the last 6 years.

We  offer joint events in order to explore “direct access to bodily knowing or Awareness."

The practice  explores the Felt Dimension of experiencing.