Becoming a Focusing Practitioner

When you have completed the Focusing training levels you can apply to join our comprehensive two year professional training program. 

At the completion of the course you will receive certification from Focusing Australia and the Focusing Institute of New York. This certification enables you to professionally offer Focusing in Australia and around the world.

The training program includes 40 online classes which cover:

  • Working one on one with people

  • Working with new people

  • Training groups

  • Wholebody Focusing

  • Inner Relationship Focusing

  • Focusing and the Nervous system (polyvagal theory)

  • Working with Focusing and Creativity

  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Gene Gendlin

You will:

  • Assist in courses and events - both Wholebody and other Focusing courses

  • Complete Level 5 training (working with new people)

Engage in Emerging Teacher Meet-Ups  

Become part of a cohort of advanced students who will become part of your Focusing journey.  

The courses run every second Wednesday from 10.00AM AEST. 

Intake for the course is in February, class begins in April each year.

Places are limited so book to ensure your place.