Learn to focus

Are you wanting to resolve what's in the way of your own growth and the life you know is possible?

You CAN be the one in charge of your change process… and your change process can build on your own resources, help you be stronger, calmer, have a more creative life.

Wouldn't it be great to have a respectful, body-based process for change that really works, that YOU can learn, that YOU can have with you every day of your life, for yourself, for family and friends? You can.

Focusing is a powerful and natural process for positive life change.

We’ve been offering Focusing training programs since 2008.These programs were created to help people who felt stuck in their lives,  who are struggling with procrastination and finding it hard to move forward. Our courses offer support for people who are sinking under low self-esteem and severe inner criticism, having a hard time feeling grounded and making confident decisions, and most of all longing to live the fulfilling lives they know they could live but never quite getting there.

I have seen hundreds of people's lives improved by taking these courses including my own. 

The Focusing Foundational Training Program is designed to give you Focusing for the rest of your life, and consists of two courses:



focusing foundations: part one

What will you receive from taking the Focusing Training Program? 

  • An easy , step-by-step method for exploring  any problem or stuck situation and finding relief, insight, and new steps of action, so you feel bigger than your problems and in control of your life.

  • A revolutionary way to access your body's wisdom – so you can get in touch with rich information about your life and your life's direction that you already know without knowing you know

  • A simple but powerful listening process that lets you be supportive of other people – and yourself – in ways that are literally the opposite of interfering and giving advice, so your relationships open up

  • Skills to grow your Self Compassion

  • A structured plan for moving forward and taking the lessons beyond the course into your daily life so you feel empowered to take your life into the areas you've always wished for yourself.

  • This is learning a process that you can use with any problem or issue, now or in the future, for the rest of your life.

  • Practice in cultivating Self-in-Presence, the ability to be compassionately larger than your difficult emotions

  • More ways to help your Focusing partners be Self-in-Presence

  • A supported process for coming into body awareness at the start of the session, called “Leading In,” that you can give to and receive from your Focusing partner

  • More about the “edge,” that place where what is unclear becomes clear, and how that is the key to transformation

  • Support in getting the most out of your Focusing process, especially in places where you know it could go further but it isn’t

  • “Advanced listening” skills for helping your partner get a felt sense when starting with an issue, for helping your partner stay with the present moment, and much more


  • Supported practice with partners

  • Exercises and handouts

  • Opportunities for questions and discussion

What the class actually includes:

  • 9 two-and-a-half-hour meetings for a total of 22.5 hours of class time.

  • Your own copy of The Focusing Student's and Companion's Manual

  • Unique exercise cards for every paired class exercise so you know exactly what to do to make the exercises most effective for yourself and your partner.

  • Up to one hour of Focusing partnership, in between class meetings each week, to further develop your Focusing skills.

  • Email and/or phone support from the teacher and the class assistants if you have questions between the class meetings or need extra help.


For anyone wanting to feel more, Self Compassion, Self Worth, Self Care
For anyone 
wanting Deep Clarity and Peace
Also for Healing professionals who would like to develop new skills to work with their clients 

Profound high end life  skills,  change based on compassion, self-acceptance and being present in the moment. Guided by  and held by skilled teachers with many years of experience in a nurturing space.  

Online live, join us from anywhere in the world 


Focusing Foundations : The Focusing Training Program, Part One meets for 2.5 hours a week over 10 weeks.
Part Two also meets for 2 hours per week over 10 weeks.  
Each course has a non class week in week 6. This is the opportunity for Focusing practice. There Courses start 3 times per year.

We use online conferencing to connect the group. You can call in using a computer, tablet or phone. You will receive class materials before the course begins. 

Because everyone deserves to feel deeply connected to their resources and have the opportunity to feel truly alive and connected to life’s possibilities.

My deep felt gratitude for sharing your teaching with us. It has been absolutely life-changing.  It is proving to be the most useful tool in discovering myself more deeply and understanding and working with those around me in ways I never thought possible.
— Tim



focusing connections: part two

The second course Focusing Training Program deepens and expands your process, both as Focuser and as Companion. In the second program, the Companion starts being able to make supportive suggestions if the Focuser would like them. For this to happen, both people in the partnership learn a model for the typical "shape" of a Focusing session, so you know what stage the process is in, and what kind of reminder would be most supportive at that stage. This is where you learn the "deep structure" of Focusing.

You will learn to move past the most typical blocks to Focusing, both for your own process and helping your Focusing partners. Focusing becomes even more integrated into your life, how you are with yourself, how you are with others.  As the course progresses we return to the essence of the Focusing process, to the simplicity beneath the complexity.

What will you receive from taking the Focusing Training Program?

  • More options for each stage of the Focusing process: more ways of starting, more ways of deepening your inner connection

  • Some very specific and powerful ways to go beyond just "being with it,"

  • New and useful ways to reap the benefits of the positive, enjoyable feelings in your Focusing process

  • More ways to bring Focusing into your life all day long, including in your interactions with other people

  • How to give graceful and unobtrusive "reminders" so the Focuser doesn't have to do it all alone

  • Troubleshooting with difficulties with each stage of the process

  • We discover that as we know more we can let go of “rules” and stay true to what is essential.

  • Learn and practice ways to be present for a partner who feels not much... or too much. We learn how to facilitate Focusing through all kinds of blocks: inner criticising, doubts, sleepiness, distractions. As we learn how to be present for this in our partners, we also learn how to deepen the process for ourselves.

  • Understanding the most typical block to Focusing: being identified with a “feeling about a feeling,” (eg,' not liking', being afraid) – and how to help yourself and other people transform this experience

  • Powerful language and attitudes for helping yourself and others positively change your experience of an “inner criticizing process” that says things like, “You’re hopeless” and “This will never work.”

  • More ways to help yourself (or a partner) when you are feeling overwhelmed by strong emotional states

  • More ways to help yourself (or a partner) when you are feeling resistant to feeling anything

  • Wider understanding of the concept of “body” and what makes our bodies so wise

  • How to let go of “rules” and still do Focusing -- staying true to what is essential


  • A whole new manual: The Focusing Student's and Companion's Manual, Part Two

  • More cards and detailed handout



If you are looking for help with one specific problem you may find, one-to-one sessions initially could be a better first step for you.

Prefer to learn in an individual setting?

Focusing is also taught through a series of one to one sessions with a Focusing teacher. These classes can be undertaken on the skype/ phone or in person. 

Each learning step offers specific incremental skills each step building on what was  previously learnt. It is both skill based and experiential. There is the opportunity to develop your focusing skills and listening skills in partnership. The Pathways are designed so when you complete them you will have focusing for life.