Wholebody Focusing

Wholebody Focusing uses the precision of bodily awareness to tap into the evolving capacity for consciousness of the modern human being.

It is an experiential relational person-centered method for connecting skilfully with the situations of one’s life. It is a natural process that invites the power of conscious awareness to awaken dynamic inner wisdom of the living body, a knowing at the heart of every one of us.

Wholebody awareness from Grounded Presence in awakening active consciousness of the Living Body. This bodily awakening to consciousness is experienced as an inner directed movement that is purposeful and intentional, as though the body itself has a mind of its own.


Inherent in the philosophy of Focusing is that the energy needed to transform traumatized parts of Self is already implicitly present within the wounded or stuck place. The human organism contains an embodied blueprint of how it should be.

Wholebody Focusing is a natural process that invites the power of consciousness to awaken this inner knowing of the living body. Through purposeful inner directed movements of the body’s own making, fresh life energies are activated in those places that have been blocked or stopped because of habitual and conditioned embodied patterns related to trauma and chronic stress.

This experiential relational method supports  you the focuser or the client in contacting traumatized places in  bodily felt sensing way, from the safety of a whole and healthy Self in grounded presence. The journey is to recognise the conscious living body can be trusted and knows how to generate the next step to carry forward its life process in very intricate and novel ways that are just right for the whole organism.


“Wholebody Focusing comes out of the blending of two vital discoveries,”  Alexander ( Alexander technique) explores the importance of activating a physical functioning that awakens the body as a whole towards a sense of expansion and inner flow, leading to healthier and more expansive living.

Gene Gendlin developed Focusing as a teachable way to access our own body knowing of what is needed in our lives to move us forward in how we were meant to be. Wholebody Focusing puts these two pieces together in a way that enhances both. What is new to Focusing is the quality of inner directed physical movement that is activated. The sense of the whole person is maintained and strengthened as a relationship builds between ‘me’ physically grounded in a sense of whole-myself in this moment and something that wants my attention. The holding of both at the same time creates a dynamic inner directed movement from the familiar to new functional changes that are needed as a next step, safely grounded in the body. 

wholebody focusing reconnects us to our innate body wisdom, rebooting our life stoppages and opening us up to the fullness of life.